• Improves adhesion & ensures a uniformed top coat suction & hydration.
  • Reduces surface alkalinity & extends the life of the finish coat.
  • Safe, non-toxic & penetrates deeply into substrate.
  • Binds dusting surfaces & reduces efflorescence.
  • Environmentally friendly, water based.
  • Ensures topcoat colour longevity and UV stability.

Wetherby primer is required under acrylic, four seasons silicone, standard silicone and mineral render.  Wetherby primer is a vital component over your basecoat as it ensures your decorative finish looks great for years to come.

Wetherby primer can be applied at an ambient surface temperature of +3°C up to 27°C. A humidity up to 90% is needed for it to cure and dry properly. With over 380 colours available,  thin coat primer is the perfect choice for use under Wetherby thin coat renders.

Each tub covers approximately 60 m2, Wetherby recommend at least 1 coat.


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