Price based on 90mm insulation board and Sold in Boxes of 100. Please call 0800 1978821 for other sizes.


Metal Substrate Fixings alongside the chosen insulation is a popular choice for non-traditional properties such as BISF where the upper floors are typically constructed from corrugated steel panels. External insulation is a real benefit to this type of property.

5 per board covering approximately 8/9 fixings per m2


Metal Substrate Fixings

Quick and easy to install using a Phillips screwdriver achieving a minimum 30mm embedment.

Our TKR fixing screw come incorporated with a TIT cap and together provide the perfect solution to fix your external thermal insulation boards.

Various sizes available and sold in boxes of 100.  We recommend using 5 per board with fixings at 300 centres around windows and doors creating an approximate coverage rate of 8/9 per m2.

When fixing our rigid insulation board onto any substrate Wetherby Building Systems Ltd always recommend you conduct a pull out test to ensure your fixing anchor is suitable.


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