• Excellent Resistance to algae and Mould
  • Hydrophobic
  • Breathable and Vapour-permeable
  • UV Stable
  • Available in Hundreds of Colours

Wallstore Stain is a low profile coating, with an excellent coverage rate. It  imparts colour to the surface with minimum film build thereby allowing the original granular appearance of your decorative top coat to be maximized.

Our Stain is ready to use and does not require any other additives saving time, we tint it to the colour you need so there is no danger of incorrect mixing quantity or colour issues.  There is no need to add any drying accelerators.  No Mess No Fuss Simply pop the lid and paint.

All our colours ranges are UV stable.  They allow your substrate to breathe,  provide excellent flexibility and ensure your home’s façade looks brand new again.


Wall store Stain can be applied at an ambient surface temperature of +3°C up to 27°C.  A humidity up to 90% is needed for it to cure and dry properly.   With over 380 colours available Our Stain Paint range provides a modern look to any home.

Stain is much thinner than paint, so 1 tub covers 80m2 of facade, unlike paint stain migrates in and does not affect the decorative thickness of your render unlike paint, making this product ideal for thinner grain facades.

Stain has excellent dirt pick-up resistance and ensures the surface remains cleaner for longer this is an excellent high quality stain to recoat your home with.  Enhanced mould resistance with outstanding water repellence improves the long-life aesthetics of the finish.

We recommend the façade is cleaned with Biocidal Wash first to ensure a clean surface ready for painting.

We can match colours to any swatch, facade or Fandeck you like.

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