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  • Cures up-to 95% humidity.
  • Great option for working in winter
  • Self cleaning properties.
  • Excellent resistance to algae, mould and lichen.
  • Breathable and vapour-permeable render.
  • UV stable & available in over 380 colours.

Four Seasons Render is the ideal solution to combat adverse weather conditions experienced in the UK.

Sold in a 25kg tub covering approximately 10m2.

For Further assistance or any questions please call 0800 197 8821

Four Seasons by Wall Store can be applied  applied at an ambient and surface temperature of 1 to 30°C, and relative air humidity of up to 95%, increasing the application days available. As a result, it can be used an average of 55 days more per year, considerably increasing productivity during cold or wet periods throughout the year.

We recommend  Scrim Adhesive or K & A Adhesive is used with this product. Sold in a 25kg tub (coverage rate of approximately 10m2).


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