Installed using our Wetherby Brick Slip Adhesive and complimentary Pointing Mortars in conjunction with our Brick Slip Mesh to ensure installation accuracy.

Our 15mm  slips are ridged hard wearing and durable. Our extensive 15mm Brick Slip Range come with matching corners.  Wetherby have an extensive range to suit any home providing a cost effective solution to a real brick effect façade.

Sold individually — 60 slips will cover 1m2. 14 corners will cover 1 linear meter.

15mm Brick Slips

15mm Brick Slips are a real clay brick available in a variety of colour and finish options, suitable for external and internal use.

Recommended 15mm Brick Slip Application

The recommended application of the 15mm Brick Slips is to use in conjunction with the 15mm Brick Template Mesh. The specially profiled galvanised steel mesh which is fixed directly onto the existing substrate or EWI system. The mesh is fixed using specialist fasteners of the appropriate length to give a suitable penetration into all types of substrate. The unique ridge of the mesh creates a natural brick coursing and joint width, which enables the installer to achieve perfectly level courses. Brick slips are bedded in adhesive mortar and pointed using coloured polymer pointing mortar.

15mm Brick Slip Options

Wetherby Brick Slips are available in a standard range of colours and textures, however others may be obtained by special order. Pistol corner bricks are also available for building corners and to return the system into window and door reveals. Specially designed base profiles and verge trims are also available to ensure that the edges of the system are sealed and watertight.

Brick slip cladding can help transform the aesthetic appearance of a property, you will find the 15mm range in many colours and a price range to suit every budget.  They are lightweight and much thinner than a full size brick making installation with Brick Slip Adhesive and complimentary Pointing Mortar easy and cost effective.

All our brick ranges are sourced from the very best materials and Kiln Fired for a truly authentic real brick effect.

our slips and corners are sold individually saving you cost when ordering.

Used with PK Spacers for the 10mm point gap or  Brick Slip Mesh for an easier install.  Wetherby Brick slip Adhesive to hold the slips in place, finished with a Pointing Mortar colour of your choice.

Sold individually — 60 slips will cover 1m2.   14 corners will cover 1 linear meter.

For Further assistance, help with any technical questions or help with finding an applicator in your area please e-mail thewallstore@wbs-ltd.co.uk or call 0800 197 8821.

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