• biocidal wash

    Biocidal Wash


    Use before you install your thermal boards to ensure all mould and lichen is removed.

    • Kills algae, mould and lichen (approx 1 year)
    • Leaves residual protection
    • No rinsing required
    • Environmentally friendly option

    Biocidal Wash is a highly effective biological solution which effectively removes algae, mould and lichen.

    Sold in 5 litre tubs with coverage of roughly  500m² | Dilution rate 9:1.


  • Blue Window Protection


    Wetherby Window Protection Keeps windows protected from render.

    Sold at 500mm width x 100m.

  • Brick Slip 10mm PK Spacers


    Made of green rigid hard-wearing durable plastic. PK Spacers are re-usable and come in boxes of 100.  These have been designed by Wetherby to ensure you maintain a professional 10mm pointing finish.



  • brick mesh

    Brick Slip Template Mesh


    Brick Slip Template Mesh is used as the basis of 15mm Brick Slips. The profile of the mesh creates a natural brick coursing which enables the brick slips to be installed as a level course.

    One sheet covers 1.015m2 | 1240mm x 819mm.


  • Bucket Trowel

    • Manufactured from stainless steel and spring steel.
    • Handle part is welded to the base part by special welding system.
    • Soft handle model.
  • Curved Handle Spatula


    Curved handle spatula is used for EWI and plastering.


  • Expanding Sealing Tape

    • Weather seal for wind-driven rain.
    • Breathable and or vapour permeable.
    • Expands and contracts to accommodate movement whilst still sealing the joints .
    • Self-adhesive side to aid initial location.
    • Thermal and acoustic insulation.

    Sold on a 8m roll.

    15mm x 17mm.


  • FID 50 Fixings


    FID 50 Fixings are used to retro fit light weight items such as doorbells, drainpipes or alarm boxes onto the façade.

    Sold in boxes of 50.

  • Firtree Fixings


    Firtree Fixings are a small push fit fixing used to hold larger beadings in place on insulation prior to rendering.

    Sold in bags of 500.

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