• dash-receiver

    Dash Receiver

    • 3 Attractive colours
    • Excellent background base for all our dry dash aggregate range
    • Breathable & vapour permeable
    • Water resistant & Good adhesion
    • Hard Wearing & Long Lasting

    Wetherby Dash Receiver is polymer modified and through coloured. It provides an attractive adhering base for your choice of decorative aggregate,  enhancing the finish. Dash Receiver also provides excellent impact resistance.

    Sold in 25kg bags covering approximately 2m2 per bag.


  • dash spar aggregate

    Dry Dash Aggregate


    A comprehensive range of dashing aggregate options available.

    To be installed in conjunction with our Dash Receiver to create the desired look. Dashing aggregates are thrown onto Dash Receiver in an upward motion allowing it to stick.

    Sold in 25kg bags covering approximately 2.5m2 per bag.

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