Internal Wall Insulation System can be installed with the most diverse range of fixing techniques including dot and dab, direct fix, timber battens and metal furring.

Each fixing method provides a reliable long term energy saving benefit, especially on domestic refurbishment projects and they’re absolutely ideal for properties where no cavity exists (solid wall).

  • spray plaster

    CLEARANCE OFFER—Spray Plaster

    • Spray or hand applied.
    • Ready Mixed
    • Low Shrinkage
    • Flexible
    • Reduced curing times.
    • Water based
    • No primer or sealer required.
    • The ready mixed skim coat can be applied to new and old substrates.

    25kg Drum

  • handycoat interior

    Handycoat Interior


    Benefits of Handycoat Interior

    • Can be used as a full skimming coat.
    • Can be used to tape and joint projects.
    • Once dry, can be lightly sanded where required & painted.
    • No primer required.

    25kg Drum

  • internal insulation

    Internal Insulation Boards


    The benefits of insulating internally;

    •  Doesn’t affect the external appearance of a property (architectural features can remain intact).
    •  Delivers better U-values and thinner solutions compared to alternative systems.
    •  Offers the installer maximum flexibility and installation speed due to the tapered edge insulated plasterboard.
    •  Provides reliable long term energy savings.

    2400 x 1200 x 50 + 12.5mm | Price per board

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