External Wall Insulation can not only improve the external appearance of a property, it can also improve thermal efficiency and reduce energy bills for the occupier.

With a wide range of insulation and finish options from render to brick slips, we can cater for any EWI requirement

  • enhanced eps insulation

    Enhanced EPS Insulation

    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Cost Effective

    Graphite reflective expanded polystyrene insulation boards are easy to cut making them very user friendly,  while providing excellent thermal performance to a property.  They are a lightweight, cost effective solution to external wall insulation.

    A 600mm by 1200mm board covering 0.72m2


  • phenolic insulation

    Phenolic Insulation

    • High Performance
    • Minimal Thickness
    • Ideal for Traditional Polymer Modified Finishes

    Phenolic Insulation is the most effective type of rigid insulation board. Suitable for a variety of substrates and render finishes.

    A 600mm by 1200mm board covering 0.72m2

  • stone-wool-insulation

    Stone Wool Insulation

    • Breathable
    • Resilient
    • Hard wearing

    Stone Wool insulation (also referred to as mineral fibre) is a resilient, hard wearing insulating material. It is perfect for a wide range of wall applications.

    600mm by 1200mm covering 0.72m2 per board

  • Under Floor Insulation


    Benefits of Under Floor Insulation:

    • Eliminates draft.
    • Prevents heat loss.
    • Creates a vapour barrier and reduces moisture.
    • Helps to keep pipes from freezing.
    • Improves heat distribution.
    • Reduced heating costs.
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