• biocidal wash

    Biocidal Wash


    Use before you install your thermal boards to ensure all mould and lichen is removed.

    • Kills algae, mould and lichen (approx 1 year)
    • Leaves residual protection
    • No rinsing required
    • Environmentally friendly option

    Biocidal Wash is a highly effective biological solution which effectively removes algae, mould and lichen.

    Sold in 5 litre tubs with coverage of roughly  500m² | Dilution rate 9:1.


  • Render Protector


    A unique highly water repellent coating, providing superior protection against algae, mould, pollution, staining and dirt. Suitable for a range of substrate materials including: silicone, acrylic, mineral and polymer modified renders, tile and brick.

    • Improves weather resistance.
    • Reduces dirt pick up.
    • Translucent coating.
    • Protects against algae, mould & lichen.



  • Render Stain


    Wetherby Stain is a ready mixed pigmented coating ideal for application as a topcoat for thin coat finishes. It has excellent dirt pick up resistance and is designed to be effective in areas where atmospheric pollution is a problem.

  • silicone-paint-stain

    Silicone Paint

    • Self cleaning with excellent resistance to algae and mould.
    • Hydrophobic, breathable & vapour-permeable.
    • UV stable & available in hundreds of colours.

    Our Silicone based paint is ready to use and does not require any other additives saving time, we tint it to the colour you need so there is no danger of incorrect mixing quantity and no need for any drying accelerators. Simply pop the lid and paint.

    Sold in 12.5ltr tubs covering approximately 40m2.

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