• masonry fixings

    ISO Masonry, Concrete Or Brick Substrate Fixings

    • Quick and easy to install
    • Excellent performance on most masonry substrates.*
    • ISO fixings ensure an excellent pull-out resistance even in hollow block and lightweight materials*.

    Intended for masonry substrates, the ISO fixing is a pre-assembled through fixing anchor to use for the installation of external wall insulation boards. They are quick and easy to install using a 10mm drill bit with a minimum 30mm embedment hitting the orange pin with a hammer ramming the pin home to secure the fixing, thus holding the board in place.

    Boxed in 200’s covering approximately 8/9 per m2

  • metal fixings

    TKR Metal Substrate Fixing


    TKR Metal Substrate Fixings alongside the chosen insulation is a popular choice for non-traditional properties such as BISF where the upper floors are typically constructed from corrugated steel panels. External insulation is a real benefit to this type of property.

    5 per board covering approximately 8/9 fixings per m2


  • timber-fixings

    VBA Timber Substrate Fixings


    With the continuing search for sustainable methods of construction, Timber Frame is by far the most environmentally friendly method, being that it is organic, non-toxic and renewable.

    Timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material and for every cubic metre used in place of other building materials, 0.8 tonnes of CO2 is saved from polluting the atmosphere as a result our VBA fixing screw is the perfect solution to fix your external thermal insulation boards.

    5 per board creating an approximate coverage of 8/9 per m2.


  • Wetherby LS Bead Fixings


    This fixing holds the base profile or any metal detailing used at 300 centres.

    Sold in boxes of 100 part code 400040


    For Further assistance or any questions please call 0800 197 8821

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