• render

    Acrylic Render 1.5mm Grain

    • Cost Effective
    • Water Repellent
    • Environmentally Friendly with High Impact Resistance
    • Weather & UV Resistant

    Available in a selection of colours Acrylic Render is ready to use and does not require any other additives, simply pop the lid and go.

    Sold in a 25kg Tub covering approximately 10m2

  • render

    Four Seasons Silicone Render

    • Cures up-to 95% humidity.
    • Great option for working in winter
    • Self cleaning properties.
    • Excellent resistance to algae, mould and lichen.
    • Breathable and vapour-permeable render.
    • UV stable & available in over 380 colours.

    Four Seasons Render is the ideal solution to combat adverse weather conditions experienced in the UK.

    Sold in a 25kg tub covering approximately 10m2.

    For Further assistance or any questions please call 0800 197 8821

  • Mineral Render for Bad Weather.


    The Wall Store Mineral Render range has been specially developed to combat the issues associated with applying external render in adverse weather conditions.

    The unique render solution reduces the formation of a water film on the surface, allowing it to dry within two hours. The standard off-white finish can be simply transformed with the application of a silicone paint as a final top coat.

    The Finish is the same 1.5mm grain just like Silicone, however this will not wash off and will cure whatever the weather.  If you use Premium Wetherby Adhesive under this top coat you will be able to work in difficult adverse weather.

  • thin coat primer

    Thin Coat Primer

    • Improves adhesion & ensures a uniformed top coat suction & hydration.
    • Reduces surface alkalinity & extends the life of the finish coat.
    • Safe, non-toxic & penetrates deeply into substrate.
    • Binds dusting surfaces & reduces efflorescence.
    • Environmentally friendly, water based.
    • Ensures topcoat colour longevity and UV stability.

    Wetherby primer is required under acrylic, four seasons silicone, standard silicone and mineral render.  Wetherby primer is a vital component over your basecoat as it ensures your decorative finish looks great for years to come.

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