• 3707 Mesh Wing Corner Bead


    Wetherby 3707 Mesh Wing Corner Beads are made from PVC with  alkali resistant glassfibre mesh wings giving your corners a clean crisp lined finish.

    Sold Each at 2.5m length.

  • Alkali Resistant Scrim Mesh


    Alkali Resistant Fibre Mesh is an ideal reinforcement for all our render basecoats, it is required to prevent cracking.

    Sold on a 1.0 mtr tall 50m2 roll.

  • Base Profile Starter Track

    • 2.5 meter lengths.
    • High quality starter track.
    • Provides insulation platform.
    • Easy to install.
    • Aluminium starter track available in various insulation sizes.

    The Aluminium Base Profile Starter Track comes in lengths of 2.5 meters and is installed at the lowest point of installation in order to provide a starting base for the insulation system. This can be used in conjunction with any of our thin coat render finishes.

    Our base profile starter track is commonly used with 3740 series clip on bead for the drip detail, installed using Hit M 6x40mm into masonry and joined together using 3756 connecting clips.

  • PVC Bellcast Bead

    • PVC Bellcase bead creates a straight, clean edge for finishing render.
    • Use along the bottom edge of render to create a drip profile.

    PVC Bellcast Bead is sold in 2.5 mtr length.

  • PVC Corner Bead


    PVC Corner Bead’s provide additional protection against abrasion and corrosion as well as provide a clean aesthetically pleasing finish to the corner or reveal.


  • PVC Movement Joint


    The PVC Movement Joint can be used with Wetherby Thin Coat renders. Available in 6mm or 10mm. Colour is white and 2.5 metres in length.

  • PVC Render Stop Bead


    PVC Render Stop Beads  provide a straight, clean finish on the edge of the render at door or window openings.

    Sold in 2.5 metre lengths in white.

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