How and when will my delivery arrive

As standard your delivery usually comes on an Artic lorry with a tailgate offload facility. We offer a curb side service. If you think this may cause issues please ring us to discuss other vehicle options and offload facilities we have available for you.

On the day of delivery will I get a phone call from the driver and a delivery time

Normally our driver does not ring unless you request him to do so. We offer a premium delivery service at no extra cost where our deliveries are made before 12. Should you need any help regarding your deliver please contact the Transport team directly from 7:15am on 01942 528093.

I need to alter, change or return my order

This should be fine depending if your order has been dispatched. Please ring us to discuss on 01942 529323.

I am not happy and would like to complain

Sorry to hear this please contact our customer service team directly on 01942 529320.

I have a technical question about how to use your product or a general technical question I need some help with

Please contact our technical support team directly on 01942 528262.

How do I store your material?

Please keep it dry and frost free.

I have received your samples and I need to ask some questions about colour and/or some more samples

Please ring our samples team directly from 8am on 01942 528356.

Are you open weekends, can I have a Saturday delivery?

We are open Monday to Friday 7.15am until 5pm and yes we can request a Saturday delivery at an extra cost. Please ring 08001978821 for further details.

I am a trade customer and would like to open an account with Wetherby

Please contact our finance team directly on 01942 528267.

I would like to attend a Wetherby training course

Please contact our training department directly on 01942 529336.

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